Friday, October 8, 2010

New Moon Contemplation - An Ephinany!

According to Squidoo the New Moon, "represents the force of death and decay. Activities and magic related to cleansing and destruction are appropriate for this time." And, Pagan's Path  the New Moon is "used for personal growth, healing and blessing of new projects or ventures."
I work (or worked--I'll get to that soon) at a pagan based healing center & boutique, a fellow receptionist told me about how this New Moon is has heightened purging aspects. Last night is when the new moon came to fruition. So, I went to the backyard to do a half-assed solo manifestation ritual.

As I laid there in my back yard I first realized that it was amazing how bright the stars shown without the moon to outshine them. I let myself admire the beauty and soon got back on track. I thought about everything I want to manifest and how I want things to go. Tuesday, I lost my job in the crossroads, not due to my personal screw-ups though, so on the bright-side I have a great reference under my belt. I also have lost a few material possessions and people who weren't exactly benefiting me. My life definitely decided to do some purging... Which, the great part is, I now have a practically blank slate to build from. I have so much I want to do, and have a deep inspiration right now to stay on track. Like the moon, I'm ready to go back through the cycle to build myself back up to shine.

BUT! In this middle of this deep contemplation my huge, fierce black cat - who generally is feared in the night, not the one who does the fearing - comes to where I was laying meowing up a storm. He keeps staring slightly towards the sky, so finally curiosity gets the best of me and I look up. Only to find a huge animal walking to power line above me like a tight-rope! I ran inside and found my mom who was equally as amazed. She turned on the outside lights, and soon we got in her car and turned it around where we could watch it. It turned out to be a young-ish possum who seemed more frightened that he was up there than us. The possum circus, the first time I've ever actually seen a possum, was quite entertaining. But, got me off track and unfocused.

As I was laying in bed I realized I completely forgot about finishing my manifestation thoughts! At this point I had and Epiphany: This was the metaphor of my life. As I'm going through the day, attempting to manifest anything, soon a possum dances by doing something amusing, and there I am, off track and out of sorts. This is my enemy! The possum circus is my obstacle to accomplishment.
Game Plan: Amuse the enemy, enjoy the enemy, but from now on, do not give into the enemy.

Now, the hard part, actually sticking to the plan.
I've got my weekly task list uploaded, although, there's only 3 days left of the week, so it was slightly pointless. Soon, over the weekend, I'll also have a daily to-do list, just because I think having it up publicly will keep me honest.

Okay! Time to move on to my next manifestation. Note to self: avoid possum circus.

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  1. Sorry it took me so long to follow. And I was reading your info in your side bar. The thing about the Commercial Dungeon & BDSM retail store, let me know when that happens. I'm totally interested.



Things to Get Done This Week

  • Look Up Information on Devry Classes (by Saturday)
  • Learn Cha-Cha (by Saturday)
  • Clean Bathroom (by Sunday)
  • Find Highlighters (by Sunday)
  • Have Art for "No Mas, No More" Tattoo Finished (by Sunday)
  • Deligate Tasks (from To-Do list) into Planner (by Sunday)
  • Highlight Business Parts from Corporate Dominatrix Book (by Saturday)
  • Find a Good Non-Business/School Book to Read (by Saturday)
  • Pay Library Fees (by Saturday)
  • Find Button & Ribbon (for Planner Clasp) (by Sunday)
  • Organize Planner (by Saturday)
  • Type Up Business Stuff (by Saturday)
  • Gather All Give-Away Items (by Sunday)
  • Gather All Trash from House (by Sunday)
  • Laundry (Sunday)
  • Create Workout & Calory Goals (by Satruday)
  • Have Applications Fillled Out (by Saturday)
  • Finishing Applying Online for Jobs (by Saturday)
  • Create KansasCityHelpWanted Account (by Saturday)
  • Finish Monster Account
  • Look on Craigslist for Job Openings
  • (if Debit Card not found) Get New Debit Card
  • (if Debit Card not found) Cancel Debit Card (by Friday)
  • Clean Out Car & Look for Debit Card (by Friday)
  • Finish First Section on One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest & Take Test (by Friday)
  • Finish Writing Paper on Whale Wars (by Friday)
  • Finish Writing Paper on RuPaul's Drag Race (by Friday)
  • Catch Up on Chemistry (by Friday)