Thursday, October 7, 2010

How Appropriate

Going with the whole theme of this blog, I've started this with no real time to create a legitimate first post before afternoon classes began. I apologize for the lackluster-ness of it all right now.

I promise I will get something with more oomph and complete my profile as soon as I can.

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Things to Get Done This Week

  • Look Up Information on Devry Classes (by Saturday)
  • Learn Cha-Cha (by Saturday)
  • Clean Bathroom (by Sunday)
  • Find Highlighters (by Sunday)
  • Have Art for "No Mas, No More" Tattoo Finished (by Sunday)
  • Deligate Tasks (from To-Do list) into Planner (by Sunday)
  • Highlight Business Parts from Corporate Dominatrix Book (by Saturday)
  • Find a Good Non-Business/School Book to Read (by Saturday)
  • Pay Library Fees (by Saturday)
  • Find Button & Ribbon (for Planner Clasp) (by Sunday)
  • Organize Planner (by Saturday)
  • Type Up Business Stuff (by Saturday)
  • Gather All Give-Away Items (by Sunday)
  • Gather All Trash from House (by Sunday)
  • Laundry (Sunday)
  • Create Workout & Calory Goals (by Satruday)
  • Have Applications Fillled Out (by Saturday)
  • Finishing Applying Online for Jobs (by Saturday)
  • Create KansasCityHelpWanted Account (by Saturday)
  • Finish Monster Account
  • Look on Craigslist for Job Openings
  • (if Debit Card not found) Get New Debit Card
  • (if Debit Card not found) Cancel Debit Card (by Friday)
  • Clean Out Car & Look for Debit Card (by Friday)
  • Finish First Section on One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest & Take Test (by Friday)
  • Finish Writing Paper on Whale Wars (by Friday)
  • Finish Writing Paper on RuPaul's Drag Race (by Friday)
  • Catch Up on Chemistry (by Friday)